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Nice to meet you. I am Rongrong.

I am a UX Designer who holds over 10-years of Visual Design experience working in the fashion industry. Passionate, thoughtful, and creative, I believe the best products are developed when the user’s and business’ goals are mutually aligned. I love working with productive teams that take a collaborative approach in everything they do. I constantly seek out learning opportunities to grow as both a designer and a well-rounded person.


Something about me...

I was born and raised in Shenzhen China. Growing up I always had a passion for art and design. Right after graduating high school I went to college in Japan to study Fashion Design. I was enrolled in the graduate school after obtaining a BA degree. It was a master's program for fashion sociology. After 1 year in graduate school I decided to study design in further, so I came to New York to study in FIT. I was working in fashion design ever since.

Why user experience design...

While I was working in the fashion industry I had many "Why" and "How" questions?

- Why some of the items I made are selling better than the others? How can I make better selling products thats what customers want? 

- Why some trends can turn into businesses profit but some trends are just fun to look at on the run way. 

-  How fashion trend influences the customers' shopping decisions.

Then I encountered user experience design. I liked UX design because it  focus on designing things with meanings & solving problems for people. UX design taught me I can find out all the answers by doing user research. Understanding my users allows me to design products that solves real pain points and needs for people. 

Examples of my past work

I was an outerwear designer for juniors. My focus was to design jackets for females who are in the age range of teens to twenties.

(Hover each image to see the sketch for the style)

Examples of my passion projects

I enjoying designing, sewing and draping. When I have have time I like to work with fabrics and create.


Examples of my drawing

I like to work with my hands. I get inspired by all things around me. When I feel inspired I like to express myself in drawings.

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