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Hi, there! 

I am Rongrong - a Product Designer based in NYC. I have a deep passion for building user-centered products that fulfill business needs. 

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Proactive chat assistant

Led the proactive chat experience with User research and tracked metrics to understand users' needs before making design decisions.​

Unified profile settings

Led and shipped 0-1 unified profile setting experience while Verizon integrated My Fios App into My Verizon App. Increased Fios app active users +45%.   

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iOS App Clip

Led and shipped 0-1 iOS App Clips self-check-in experience for Verizon retail store arrival. ~58% completion rate and increased app download +18%.    

Cyber security 

The web application provides intelligence services to fortune 500 and government organizations.


Candidate sourcing

The web application helps recruiters find candidates quickly and efficiently by applying AI techniques to a traditionally manual process.

Interior design 
Mellow Home

Mellow Home is an interior design mobile app that helps people to  Utilize, Optimize and Maximize their living space.

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